Cancelling AgainMature


The afternoon went on typically like any other, with complete silence as the medium between me and the other two. I managed to make small talk with Nadia but Dakota had always been the hard one to deal with. He hates me and he never felt uncomfortable in showing me that. I didn't blame him though, he had the perfectly right reasons for doing so. Yet, I just wish he would give me a chance.

My phone started to ring, vibrating on the desk top which snapped me out of my thoughts as my eyes flickered off the television screen. I picked the phone and a grim smile crossed my face as I read the name on the screen.


I got up and headed towards the direction of my office room, feeling a little relieved as I left. I needed a breather from the tense atmposphere that had been created back there. And my overly-chipper and annoying assistant did the perfect job of providing me one.

"Yes?" I said, stressing on the word.

"Morris just called and he gave me the news. What in the world has gotten into your head?!"

"The need to spend some time with my kids?"

She sighed heavily, and I could almost see the frustrated expression written across her face appear in my mind's eye.

"I know you're personal life keeps you busy as well Tom, but consider what you're giving up here. This could be the merger of the century!"

"Don't you think that's going a little overboard?"

"Alright fine. But if you don't get your ass down in the Big Apple-"

"Melissa, I'm the boss here. And I know what I'm doing," I said. She muttered something incomprehensible and then muttered in surrendur, "Fine. Just do whatever you think is right."

Then she hung up on me. I was in for it on Monday. Though Melissa is just my assistant, she's the most controlling, hyper and extremely-organized one you could ever find. She was dying to get a promotion and would do anything to get one from me, even if that meant her being a pain in my ass just so I could let the company get a huge raise in its profit levels.

But she also never dared to intefere with the details of my personal life. Having been my assistant for three years now, she had the slightest ideas of how screwed up my life really was. And so she didn't intrude.

As I walked back down the corridor, I could hear voices come from inside Dakota's room. Oh that's right, he'd invited his friends. He never asked my permission for that and I didn't really mind.

Still, I wish I could squeeze in an excuse for us to even talk just a little. But with the way I was going now, I felt like that would never happen.

The End

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