Family TimeMature

I was sitting out on the balcony Ipod blaring so I could just drown everyone out. I hated this place almost as much as I hated the man who lived in it. It was huge and beautiful, nothing like my father at all. He was not a good person, he may pretend to care about Nadia and I, but it was like looking through an open door. You could tell he didn't mean it when he said he loved us.  

I was thinking on all this when my phone buzzed in my pocket, it was my one and only real friend Cole, asking if he and his brother could come over sometime this weekend because his mother and step dad were going out of town. I replied yes knowing that dad wouldn't care because he probably would only be here for a few more hours before he had to rush off to some "Huge Important Meeting" . I walked back in to where Dad was seated next to Nadia watching some stupid chick flick.

"Cole and Devyn are coming over." I said, walking past them and into my room and then shutting the door so there wouldn't be any communication. I sat down on my bed closing my eyes hoping that maybe I would be carried off into some dream that would make me lose my sorrows, at least temporarily.

No such luck, only five minutes later Nadia opened up the door and sat on my bed. I groaned knowing I was going to get a huge lecture on letting Cole and Devyn come over "Without Getting Dad's Permission". 

"You really should at least ask Dad Dakota I mean-" She was starting her lecture when I wasn't in the mood to listen, so I decided to go ahead and let her know how I felt.

"What? So he can go buy food or something?" I asked irritably, "He doesn't care Nadia, he's probably overjoyed that he doesn't have to deal with us!"

"Please Dakota at least come watch the movie with us," She pleaded softly, "You need to at least try to spend time with dad." 

"Fine whatever," I said rolling my eyes, "But as soon as they get here I'm done."

The movie honestly sucked, mainly because Nadia and dad tried to make conversation with me even though I never bothered to talk back, after being dragged into this by my sister's pleading voice. Finally Dad's phone rang and he almost smiled at being able to be alone in his office. He scurried off like the little rat of a man he was. Finally the door bell rang at the one moment in the movie that had Nadia crying.

I almost ran to the door to let possibly the only friends I'd ever have into my own little mansion from hell. Cole was dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans, his dirty blond hair fell down to his neck and his light blue eyes sparkled. Devyn was dressed in a white hoodie and black sweat pants, his golden blond hair was the same length as Cole's but his blue eyes were somewhat drowsy as he smiled softly. 

I hugged Cole and shook Devyn's hand as they set down their stuff and took their jackets off revealing the bruises that ran down their bodies. Almost identical to the ones Nadia and I had.

The End

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