Luxuries I Can't HaveMature


"It's not going to get any easier. If you want this merger to be successful, you need to be at New York tonight to make it in time for the meeting. Just catch a plane this afternoon and meet us. We need you here Tom."

"Sorry to hear that Morris, but I think I'm going to have to stay out on this one. Good luck."

I shut the phone, resting it on the top of the desk as I looked straight at the glass, my eyes not aiming to see my reflection but that of my two children in the hall. The sight was almost unnerving but it was something I'd grown used to seeing. I couldn't expect more.

Dakota was standing out in the balcony with the glass doors shut behind him as he blocked me out from his little bubble. The view is magnificent but I knew very well that the reason he was out there was not to admire it but to stay away.

Nadia on the other hand was sat on the leather armchair, waiting for me to join them as she lightly played with the edges of her t-shirt, twisting it in and out. Her eyes were fixed on my back as she bit down on her lower lip, muttering something to herself.

Averting my gaze back to my own image, I couldn't help acknowledge the fact that I looked like I needed a good amount of sleep. The dark circles under my eyes were proof and the fact that my skin looked translucent only made me feel worse than I really was. But this was the one day I'd spend with my daughter and son.

I'd lost custody over them during the divorce and for the reason that I'd separated them from the dreams of having a perfect family made me feel like I owed them more than I could really offer. Though the weekends with me were never really enjoyable, I know Nadia for one didn't mind it.

Releasing the breath I'd been holding, I turned around and walked into the large and spacious living room, sitting myself down on the sofa. Nadia gave me a small smile but I didn't return it as my vision moved to the television screen that was playing some chick flick. I coudln't care less about it. But I acted like I did.

After all, my life had engulfed me headfirst. I was separated from my only two children, and though I was rich, I would rather enjoy the luxuries of being in the company of the two people I loved most.

The End

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