Falls ApartMature

Nadia and Dakota have the worst possible life, one with a drug addicted mother, a step father who beats them, and a father who won't try and stop the pain. Can Nadia's faith help bring them out of the pit or will it make them sink lower?

Scarlet drops poured on the floor like raindrops falling from melancholy clouds, I hit the couch hard screaming as the hard metal connected with my arm. Tears soaked up my face as I heard my sister screaming for my stepfather to stop as he took of his belt and began continually beat it across my rib cage like a drum.  He finally stopped and turned towards Nadia and I was almost passed out on the ground as she was face to face with the monster.

"Shut up and get the carpet cleaned before I get back," He snarled grabbing her wrists and twisting them, "Because if I see a single drop of blood I will strangle both of you, I don't need social security workers or the police over here, and I certainly don't want your mother to find out." The last thing I heard was the door slamming and then my consciousness flew away like a butterfly. 

I awoke to my sister dabbing peroxide on the gashes in my back her tears soaking into her white hoodie. I didn't yelp as she dabbed it along the wounds but I just sat there trying hard not to pass out again. I managed to work up enough strength to the point that when she was done I sat up. I nearly fell but she held me up until I got a firm hold on the bed. I looked over myself and saw my arms blotched with indigo where his fists had hit.

"Can you stand Dakota? Are you okay?" She aksed, obviously worried. She tried to make me stand but I brushed her off stiffly and managed to stand and get my bloodstained hoodie off and into a hamper. I gazed into the mirror and saw Nadia behind me. We looked about as much alike as a crow and a dove.

She had cinnamon colored hair that fell down her shoulders elegantly her skinny body covered in dark bruising marks. She wore a white hoodie and jeans that showed off her body. I looked like I'd been hit by a bus which is exactly what I felt like, my black hair was matted down to my face with sweat and my skull hoodie had drops of blood on it. I shook my head as I pulled out my  shirt that was designed with knives and roses revealing the scars that ran down my wrists.

"I'm fine did you clean the carpet yet?" I asked my voice hoarse from my cries from earlier, "I don't want you to go through that anytime soon." She nodded softly and walked towards me hugging me tight letting out her words in a soft breath.

"We need to get ready to go to dad's, mom will be here in a few minutes have a hoodie on to cover the marks up," She choked up on the last sentence, " And I-I'm sorry I didn't do anything more to stop him." She let go and headed for her room to pack, leaving me alone to collect my thoughts and clothes.

I got out my small little gym bag and began to load up anything I'd need into it. My thoughts drifted to mom now... I wonder if she's going to be high on  crack when she comes in or if she'll wait until we leave and then do it with David. I almost laughed at the thought of her not having some of her "medicine" before she got home. I heard  the door to the front room creak open and heard mom grumbling about work. 

I walked over to the dresser again to get my hoodie, and as I did I began to examine some pictures of Nadia and I. There were only about 5 but they were all worth far more to me than any money in the world. There were some of our vacation to florida, and of just some ones we wanted to keep so when we got older we'd never forget how close we were.  I pulled my hoodie on and grabbed my bag heading into the living room to greet my mother as Nadia exited her room with a small backpack draped on her shoulder elegantly.

"Hey sweety how are you?" Mom asked kissing both of us softly on the cheek. This reminded me of how if she wasn't addicted to crack, and didn't have anger issues, she would probably be the best mother ever. I hugged her quickly while Nadia gave her a kiss on the cheek and a huge hug. My mother was wearing a small black blouse that covered her boney body with her short cinnamon  hair falling above her shoulders. Her hazel eyes were glazed over with drowziness.

"Hi mom we were just getting ready to go over to daddy's," Nadia said as I leaned back against the wall feeling a little light headed, " He's going to come and get us in a little bit right?" My mother nodded as I bit my tongue to keep from telling on how much "I loved my father and going over to his house".

I don't see how Nadia could honestly love the man when he obviously didn't feel the same about either of us. I knew it was her trying to be as good a christian as possible, but even a saint could probably hate him. Besides she knows how I feel about him but she still thinks I should "try and give him another chance" even when she knew how I felt on religion.

Just then a car horn honked and we hugged our mother goodbye and ran out the door to go to dad's house. He was parked in front of the apartment building in his escalade. He wore a business suit and was talking on an iPhone probably to his secretary about all his business crap as he was CEO of some big shot company. We got in the car and I got in the back seat as Nadia squeezed in next to him and kissed him as he waved her off somewhat and drove off down to his apartment on the other side of town.

Once again I was stuck with him and the rest of my sucky family. Sometimes, there are worse fates than death, a prime example is my life.

The End

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