Bird SnatchingMature

Jamie crouched low to the ground. His helmet highlighted the four automated turrets surrounding the vertibeord. They the guns moved about on a swivel in a side to side sweeping fashion. He already had a plan worked out in his mind. Now it was just a matter of of timing... The turret looked away and Jamie saw his chance. Quickly drawing his armor's included combat knife, he rushed up to the turret's head and got behind it. The thing went ballistic when Jamie cut a red wire on the back, knocking out its target identifier. A man in uniform flanked by two armored Enclave soldiers on either side of him rushed out of the aircraft. Jamie acted quickly, severing the hose containing the hydrolic fluid for the turret's actuators. This caused the turret head to be able to be completely manipulated by Jamie, and he took full advantage of that liberty. He aimed the turret head at the man in uniform and the turret did the rest, figuring the poor man with bullet holes. The armored guard to his right didn't fair much better, the larger rounds punching right through the tin can that he considered power armor. The turret was then aimed at its three brethren and they too met the same fate before Jamie crushed its chassis. A green, glowing blob hit the side of Jamie's helmet, the meter on his HUD labeled "ENR Shld" decreased by half and Jamie looked to face the last armor clad man holding a plasma pistol. Jamie simply drew the modified Gauss rifle from the mag plate on his back and shit from the hip. There was a brilliant blue explosion and Jamie thought he could see the man explode. When the light cleared, there wasn't a trace of the man left. He drew a small, odd-looking handgun. He pointed up and pulled the trigger, sending up a red flare to signal that the area was clear. Matt's head shot up from a small depression a fair distance away and slowly approached, his baby death law right behind him. Jamie stuck his gauss rifle to his back and looked right at the young man. "I really hope you know how to fly this." he said. "I might." Matt replied. "But it may take some time." He disappeared into the vertibird and Jamie stayed outside, anti-material rifle in hand as he scanned the area for hostiles.
The End

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