Bird huntingMature

  Matts new armor was good.  Not chinese stealth good, but good.  He thought that Jamie was suspicious of the fact that he had chinese stealth armor.  But it was a perfectly reasonable explanation, there was a spy in his vault and he got the armor for using when hunting down spare repair parts.  Anyways, they continued outward.  Matt sugested they head twoard the destroyed wault 121.  Enclave salvage groups might still be there with vertibirds.  To haul off the wreckage.  Also to hunt down survivors...if the were any.  Matt showed the location of a possible landing sight on his pip-boy.  Jamie led the way and matt and his now tamed deathclaw brung up the rear.  Whithin a hour they arived to be greeted by a enclave who was no trouble for Jamie as his head was torn off using the tremendous force of the Power armor.  Matt hid the body then went to the top of a nearby office building and looked for vertibirds refuling.  He spotted a glimmer of a silver tail.  he went back down to report what he saw, when he got down to where Jamie was, there was a pile of 4 enclave pilots or rather there remains.

"Damn.  I want some armor like that!"  Matt said grinning.

"Sorry, Valkarie guards only now."  Jamie said wiping blood off his gun.

"So?  Inuct me into it!"  Matt said.

"Perhaps that can be arranged."  Jamie replied.

"Anyway, I see at least one of them over past the Insureance buildings. But its guarded by turrets.  Anti-personel, but still would blow the living crap out of a transport vertibird.  So we need those out of the way before we can take off in one.  You could try an blow them up, or find the terminal for them.  Up to you."  Matt described.

"Worry about that once we have made our way there."

Matt tossed a box at jamie who grabbed it expertly.

"Radios.  Im going to cause a distraction."  Matt said.

They noded and parted ways.  Matt found a gatling gun while walking away to cause a distraction.  It was one of the vaults armory.  The user appaered to have survived.   For no canected body was around.  Matt (Although not using power armor.) picked it up and looked for something to blow up.  Then his eye caught something.  A wild grin swept over his face.

The End

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