Meeting of SurvivorsMature

Jamie stood back up from the impact of hitting the hard ground. This armor of his might have felt light, but it was still heavy enough to cause him to slide down a
cable faster than he would have wanted. He looked up and found the person he
saved standing in front of him holding a strange looking animal with abnormally
large claws. Jamie immediately drew his M1911 and trained it on the creature's
head. “What is that thing, and who are you?”

“My name is Matt. And this little guy is a baby deathclaw. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s harmless.” The man said, petting the so-called deathclaw’s head. “And you are?”

Jamie lowered his weapon and removed his helmet. A hissing noise sounded as the suit depressurized. “I am PFC Jamie Matson of the New York City Valkyrie Guards.” He holstered the sidearm and held out his hand. “Well then, Matt, it’s nice to meet you. It seems as if you will be needing a place to stay. You may stay with
me if you would like.” Matt hesitated for a second before nodding. Jamie turned
and began walking. “It’s a long walk from here, so I hope you can keep up.”


“Welcome to Specialty Vault 162. Home of the Valkyrie Guards.” Jamie said. “Before you get comfortable, I need your help with something.”

“And that would be…what, exactly?” Matt asked

“Something went wrong with the radiation filters that were supposed to clear out any radiation that happened to get past the shielding. I have the parts, but after
what happened when I woke up today, I don’t feel like going down to the
maintenance sub-level alone to fix the problem.” Jamie went on to show Matt the
stasis tubes while continuing to explain problems from a simple rad filter to
the fact that the vault needed a new door after he’d blown it open to get out.

The two went into the armory and Jamie switched out his weapons for a semi-auto combat shotgun before handing one to Matt. But just as a precaution, he went and retrieved a radiation suit for him from the armor hold before leading him down
into the sub levels. The baby deathclaw followed behind them. There wasn’t much
trouble at first, the place seemed just as clean as the day the bombs dropped.
But then the pair heard gurgling sounds and found a trio of those strange
zombie things. But with a few rounds of buckshot later, there were no more of
them “living” if they really could be called living. The zombie things had uniforms with name patches on them. Jamie read them: O’Brian, Calison, and Johns. Jamie sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Matt asked.

“I knew these guys.” Jamie replied. for the up to the day the bombs dropped, they were too sick to do their job at controlling the riots. We thought that they had
come down with New Plague. They must’ve gotten up to walk around and ended up
in here when they turned into whatever they are now.”

“They’re called ghouls.” Matt said. Think of them as radiation-powered zombies. The ones you really need to watch out for are the Glowing Ones and the Reavers. The glowing ones, as their name suggests, glow; and the Reavers are damn near harder to kill than a full-grown deathclaw king. Both give off radiation in
measurable levels.”

Jamie sighed. “We should do something with these bodies sometime after fixing the rad filters.” Matt nodded. On their way, Jamie decided to ask his new friend things. “So what did you do before the Great War?”

Matt looked offended. “How old do you think I am!?”

“Maybe 35 years older than me.” Jamie replied. “It’s 2111 So, you’re aging pretty good, because you look like you’re in your twenties.”

“No, it’s October 16, 2177. It’s almost a week before the one hundredth anniversary of the war.” Matt said.

“Oh, well, let me update my Pip Boy then.” He did so and started to laugh. “This thing is telling me to retire. Anyway, here’s the radiation filtration system.” Jamie kneeled down to the panel and removed it. He reached into the new hole and retrieved a cable, which he then stuck into his Pip Boy. A holographic panel appeared and information of the filtration system quickly began to scroll across the screen. Jamie frowned. “There’s two problems with the system. One is the filters themselves, which I can fix right now. The other is the vault’s power supply; it is almost depleted due to a damaged power coupling. Would your previous home have one we can scavenge?

“No. The Enclave destroyed the vault.” Matt replied.

“Alrighty then.” Jamie said with a huff as he stood back up. He started to think. “I bet that weird helicopter of theirs has some sort of power coupling. If we can get our hands on that, I’m sure I can jury rig it to work. We should go get it and then I’ll fix both problems when we return. It won’t do much good to replace the filters if the
system doesn’t have any power. But before we go, we should get you fitted into
something a bit more protective.”

The two made their way back up and into the armor hold. There, he fitted him into a set of reinforced leather armor. In the “normal” section of the armory, Matt grabbed an assault rifle and a few spare magazines for his 10mm pistol. Jamie went into the advanced section and grabbed his anti material rifle before returning to the normal section and grabbing his M1 Garand and M1911. “Well, we should get a move on.”

The End

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