Mysterious strangerMature

Blam! One shot dealt with the enclave soldier. Someone on the bridge nearby had killed him. I hope hes is a ally. I holstered my gun and pulled out a gatling laser.  It was low on battery so I had been saving it. I held the trigger and unleashed the mayham of burning energy bolts unto the remaining soldiers. More troops got dropped by a vertibird but were easily dispatched. I slung the gun on my shoulder and went to meet my mysterious benifactor. A loud roar suddenly stopped me. I turned around to see.....a deathclaw. It looked young. It ran at me and jumped hitting my chest and sending me down to the ground. I pulled out my pistol. On it was written Killwish.  The deathclaw raised its claws and attacked. It hurt a bit. But my Chinese stealth armor took the damage.  I hit it back quite hard. It was stunned. So I picked it up....I dont know why. But if it wasnt dead and just stunned. Then give it another chance. I carried it with me as I kept moving twoard the sniper. The sniper grabbed the nearest support cable. He grabbed on and slid down like it was a zip line. He dropped off and fell hitting the ground in a explosion of concrete and dust. Epic.

The End

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