Fallout New YorkMature

Fallout Fan Fiction.

Blood all about me.  Enclave blood.  They felt my wrath.  My ten milimeter wrath.  They had killed my familly.  My Vault had been conquered.  But I would kill each of these bastards.  With my gun raised.  I screamed into the air. 
I was struck hard on the back.  Sneaky demon.  I looked back to see a Enclave soldier with a Plasma pistol.  He fired hiting my hand.  It sent my pistol to the ground.  I got up and hit the Enclave ass with a knockdown strike I had learned from a NCR trainer.  He fell over and I picked up my gun, killing the enclave with several shots to the head.  I took his gun and ran twoard the closest building.

I lived in the Vault 121.  Till it was obliterated.  By the damned enclave.  Now with no home.  The Vault dwellers are looking for a home.  I need a miricale to save us.  We need......a GECK.

The End

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