Smoking GunMature

Magnum returned to the boss of the Dark Souls Camp, Nero DeAngelo, and reported the success of the mission.

"You need not worry about those who fail to pay you your protection money anymore, sir. This is the price they pay when they fail to pay us." Magnum stated, pulling his revolver out and setting it on the table.

"Very good, Magnum. You have never failed me yet. Your services are most welcome." Nero answered in his Italian accent, smoking a huge cigar.

Magnum stood up. "Do you have another target for me?"

"I do. This time, however, you won't be dealing with people who fail to pay their bills... you are to begin a war with another camp."

"Which camp, sir?" Magnum asked. This was something he wasn't expecting... and, according to Magnum's self preservation program, went against what he lived by. He killed people who were mostly morons and fools, unable to fight back. Those who could defend themselves were people he respected and left alone unless they stood in the way of his objective... directly targeting a camp was not something he had in mind.

"The Blue Stripes have been muscling in on our turf recently. I want you to deal with any and all Blue Stripes campers with extreme prejudice that walk into our jurisdiction. Do I make myself clear?" Nero asked. It was likely that he would spark the war by this one act. Magnum would either murder the Blue Stripe campers, or they would murder him. Either way, the result would be a large scale conflict between the two camps...

Magnum picked up the revolver. "I... understand."

He understood... but he wasn't going to go through with it. He had never disobeyed an order before now...

What was wrong with him?

The End

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