Twin ShotsMature

Darren stepped out of the small cottage first, scouting the area around him, he flicked his gun up at another teen who looked just like him. 

Dilyla hopped through the battered doorway, nodding at him, still not making a noise. With a few hand signs and lip-reading, they both jumped into the rusty, red and dead-looking 2CV that lay in the driveway.


The car vibrated and whirred as the young boy armed with a kitchen knife and gun started it up, soon the twins were racing down the road with their dead parents roboticaly enhanced car that was created over 50 years ago.

'You didn't have to make that much noise starting up, Darren.' Dilyla muttered, fanning her slightly pink face with her hand.

'I can't help it. If you could get our hands on a car that was made in the past three years, I'd take it, but if you hadn't noticed, Dilyla: the other camps have nabbed 'em all!'He hissed back to the feisty girl.

'How long until we get into Leeds?' She asked sharply, they had been travelling for a good half an hour now.

'Maybe. . . ten minutes? Were just about to get to the outskirts.' Darren replied boredly, leaning back on his seat.

'Watch the road idiot!'


A gunshot rang though the quiet road.

'Shit. Darren, where did you put my gun?'Dilyla yelled, hitting her brother.

'It's in the boot!'

'What?! Un-fucking-believable! Why did you put it in the boot?!'She shouted at him, hitting the dashboard repeatedly.

'I don't know! We never get attacked, that's why!'He practically screeched.

'Well, DRIVE THEN! We need to find some cover!'She snapped at him, she pointed to a nearby shopping complex, 'go there! We'll make it inside if we run!'

He swiftly turned into the car park and the car jolted as he stopped, as soon as the battered car came to a halt, the bullets started raining down on them.

'Fuck! You go on, Darren! I need my gun!' Her twin hesitated, she pushed him, 'go already!'

'Kay! You better come!'He mumbled as he opened the door quietly, he swung it  open quickly and disappeared.

Dilyla punched the plastic which covered the boot, smashing it. Her fist stung and was dripping blood. She winced and tears sprung to her eyes, she spotted her gun and grabbed it.

She opened the door to find her brother waiting behind the car.

'What're you doing here, idiot?!'

'I knew you'd be too weak to fend 'em off by yourself.' He grinned as he pulled out his own gun.

She smiled coldly and made the hand signs that indicated, On three, fire!

'One,' Darren mouthed, 'two...' Then yelled,' THREE!'



The End

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