Meaningless chaosMature


Phillip Moriano

One shot started it all. As the sounds of helicopter erupted, and bullet wrung out everywhere. Irritation coursed through me.  Now everyone was just shooting each other meaninglessly, and it won't be long until a bastard has a go at me! I hated it when I was brought into any situation. Choosing to be neutral in this conflict I knew would be fruitless, because no one would ever know I decided to take no action in this, and yet I had to.

Blood spatter across my face as a camp Cali soldier into my little hole which I made into a makeshift shelter for the night. Now I was pissed, first someone goes kills someone, causing this meaningless chaos which inadvertently gets some bastards blood all over my face, and bandana. I stand up to the surprise of a freedom fighters stare. He reacts by shooting sporadically and missing. I unsheathe my Katana, charge and cut the bastard in half, the Katana now glowing a beautiful blue. I brought the sword down quickly with my robotic arm, cutting the freedom fighter between the eyes. His brains fried like an egg hit the ground. A satisfaction ran up my back as other soldiers saw my brutal execution of the soldier. Gunfire erupted. I hit the ground sheathing the Thermal Katana and grabbing my desert Falcon out with my left hand. I pointed the gun at the mess of a squad ahead of me firing, a few quick rounds. Small holes appeared through their shirts and bodies,blood pooled on the ground below them.

I managed to crawl to a decent cover as the chaos took centre stage, I saw young men shooting their own in fear, or to happy to press the trigger on something. It was a blood unorganized slaughter that no one would benefit from. It was very much watching beasts with no thought only fear and anger charging at each other. I had mixed feelings for the whole Idea, one was I hated this, the other the satisfaction of death, and blood, the other was anger at the fact that I had some retards blood all over my face, and Someone was going to have to feel it. I went through the pockets of my pants pulling out four Gamma ray Grenades. With a grin of anger, and satisfaction I threw the grenades into the chaos, and kept my body secured behind concrete as a bright light incinerated all organic life forms that were not behind adequate cover, in about  four block radius. The Skirmish subsided within a five kilometre radius as the bright light scared most the troops away.

I got up comfortably brushing any debris off me. I was not a force to be fucked with whether it be direct or Indirectly.


The End

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