The RevolverMature

Magnum looked through his cybernetic eyes. As predicted, his target was moving towards his location, with two bodyguards. If he were to use a sniper rifle here, he would have difficulty in making his escape. The fewer bodies lying around, less evidence to follow. However, his robotic brain had determined that it may be necessary for him to kill the bodyguards if they became too much of a problem.

He decided to use the gun by which he was nicknamed: his trusty revolver.

He aimed through his cybernetic eyes, and lined the shot up with his target's forehead. He made sure that the shot would at least hit the target, or one of the bodyguards. They were likely to act like shields in order to protect the target.

 A smile spread across his face. He calculated the odds... and they were good. He would not fail... he never failed.

BANG. The target fell to the ground, a hole in his forehead. One shot, one kill. He immediately holstered his revolver and checked on the bodyguards. They were checking the target to see if he would live. A wasted effort. He turned around and ran for it.

He calculated the most efficient path of escape, and determined that the best method of escape was to retreat in through an old abandoned shanty house and into a nearby construction site. He could hide out there for a few minutes to check on his pursuers' progress.

He entered the house and latched the door, but he then realized he was not alone in the house when he heard  scream. He turned and saw a pregnant woman, staring at him with wide eyes. He determined that she must have thought of him as a robber or a criminal of some kind, and would likely tell someone about him.

He could not allow that. While a dead body is evidence, leaving someone who has seen you alive is even more foolish, as they would be able to tell someone exactly what they need to know to catch the criminal. So he was left with little choice.

He pulled out his revolver.

She baked up against the wall, her eyes having that "deer in the headlights" look. He almost felt sorry for her. But he could not allow her to live. She would tell them, and they would follow him right to his boss. That was unacceptable.

BANG. The woman fell, a hole in her forehead. One shot, one kill.

He grabbed her body and tossed it onto a cot, then placed  blanket over her body. What a waste. He thought to himself.

He then opened the back door and ran for the construction site.

The End

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