Jorgan StevensMature



His gun rested peacefully against his shoulder as he looked down the iron sights. He lined up his shot, and adjusted the gun so the bullet couldn't miss. He was confident, as he always was in battle, but he didn't let that stop him from being careful. The target was talking to another enemy, resting his hand on his shoulder.

Jorgan waited.

The target's ally walked out of the room, taking his large sub-machine gun with him.

"One," Jorgan counted in his head.

The silence that enveloped the city was dangerous. The second the gunshot reverberated off the buildings, chaos would erupt. 


The target sat down in a chair and looked at his computer.


Jorgan Stevens pulled the trigger.

The kick of the gun pounded into his shoulder, but Jorgan didn't flinch. The window that the target sat behind shattered insantly, and the target's head exploded in gorey red blood. A smile swept across Jorgan's face as the sound of the gunshot rolled through the streets of LA.

Jorgan watched as two of the dead man's allies broke down the door and saw the bloody mess that he had created. The two men looked out the shattered window, and saw Jorgan. Jorgan bounded to his feet and took off towards the other end of the building, as bullets whistled by his head.

He came to the edge of the building, and without hesitation, jumped. For a moment, he fell, but a split-second later something grabbed ahold of his arm. A chopper suddenly decloaked, and a man pulled Jorgan in. They flew away from the city as fast as they could, and no one even looked back at the chaos that now consumed the city.

The End

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