Fallen BulletsMature

It's the year 2060 and war has broken out. Internal conflicts have sprung up and England and the US are the worst hit....

It's 2060 and the world has gone to war with eachother. All peace treaty's have been broken and each country is fighting fro themselves.

The US and England are the worst hit, with internal conflict tearing through the country. People are somehow getting access to  highly dangerous weapons; like transformation guns, robots, misiles and the very rare 'Fallen Bullets'.

A illegal trade has swept though the states and counties, drugs, weapons and anything people can get their hands on is being sold for high prices.

Gangs have formed and it's dangerous to be out on the streets even in the day.

Some people have formed camps or bases deep in the country, going on discreet raids into the city.

Some of the more well-known camps are:

  • Blue stripes - - York, England.
  • Freedom Warriors -- Florida, America
  • South Dakota Survival Camp - - South Dakota, America
  • Flying Freaks(otherwise known as the 'Chav Gang') - - Filey Beach, England.
  • Dark Souls - - Whitby, England.
  • Indiana Protectors - -Indiana, America
  • Camp Cali -- California
Some some camps from England are mving to America to join forces with other camps and vise versa. Will this deadly war ever cease or will humanity have to fight for their lives until they die?!


The End

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