" Don't you just LOVE human cartoons?" giggled Ali. I wanted to watch them too. But something was stopping me. I'm not quite sure what it is, or rather, when it is.

"Sis, I'm gonna use your clothes for a while, 'kay?" I asked as I started to smile.

She waved her hand at me, "Yeah, yeah, sure,sure," Then she realized something. "Don't ruin my rep already, are you?"  She gave me that look. That look that felt like you were going to burst with, what ever she was feeling or wanted you to burst with, but no one has ever burst and has been recorded in our family records. Not yet, anyways. I shrugged off her stare. "WHY would I WANT to ruin my own sister's rep? I mean, WHO would do THAT?" I hinted a little sarcasm in my voice.

"You." she said bluntly. She heaved a sigh. "If you're going to ruin mine, then when you do, I will tie you to a chair and dress as you and flirt with the guys." She smiled evilly as my face turned pale and my ears red.

Then there was a knock at the door as we finished dressing in eachother's clothing.

"Hello?" a woman walked in, cautiously. "My name is Petunia," she went to go shake Ali's hand. She looked at me like she was going faint. "You must be Andy?" Petunia asked Ali.

Ali looked at me, then back at her. "Y-yes," she stammered. Petunia paused for a second.

"Don't lie, Ali," she smiled, then tweaked her nose. I felt like I was going to laugh out loud. She then put her hands on her hips and looked at me. "Well, aren't YOU the little lady, huh?" In my boy voice, I said, "No Ma'am." Petunia then laugh a little and said,"Well, I hope you two won't get into much trouble and have a fine day."

She then waved good-bye and walked out.

Ali and I looked at eachother, then burst out laughing!

The End

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