Running through the gate I called, "Hi Miss Petunia!"

Miss Petunia smiled, "Off to the tower with you. Oh, and if you could walk past Ati to try and get him to be happier for our new students, that might help stress levels go down!" she paused, then added, "I don't know how well it will work though, Matylda already tried waving him...But could you try?"

"I would be glad to, Miss Petunia!" I replied, "See you later!" and then a skipped towards the tower.

As I was climbing up the staircase I ran into another girl. "Hello!" I said sweetly, "I'm very sorry about that!"

The girl smiled softly, "Don't be. I'm Aibell" she said, almost as an afterthought.

"I'm Ida," I said, "I don't remember you from last year. First year?" Aibell nodded. "What room are you in?" I asked

"A9." she said.

"That's awesome!" I exclaimed, "I'm in A10! That's right next door. Who's your roommate?"

"Min," she replied, "I've got to go now..."

I smiled. Min had been my roommate last year. She was super nice, and I couldn't wait to see her! Running to my room, I dumped off my stuff on one of the beds then went and knocked next door to say hi.

The End

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