Arriving at the school, I waved goodbye to my mom and skipped inside.

"Hi Miss Petunia!" I called.

"Hello Min! You know where to go. OH and Min?" Miss Petunia called.

"Yeah?" I stopped.

"Whatever you do, avoid people when it's the full moon."

I shrugged. "I try. I really do. If you want to, you can designate an area to be forbidden from other students where I'm supposed to go during the full moon!"

"I might just do that. Go on! Get out of here!" She shooed me away. I grinned then flew off toward the tower. Landing, I saw another girl inside. Throwing my things onto my bed, I greeted her.

"Hi! I'm Min!" The girl looked up.

"I'm Aibell."

"First year?" I asked.


"This is my second! Welcome!" Looking around, I realized there were only two beds in the room. "Hey, you want to be roommates? Cause if not, I can go somewhere else."


The End

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