I sat in a tree near the main gate, watching Petunia welcome the new students. She'd asked me to be there, so I could calm anyone who seemed particularly nervous. So far today I'd only used my powers once, and that was trying to put Ati in a more pleasant mood before he met the new students.

Ati found me when I was little, so I've tried to Wave him many times. Most people I Wave give in easily to the emotion, but not Ati. He's far to strong. He only feels a little tickle of emotion, just enough to clue him in that I'm trying to Wave him. Sometimes he almost smiles. Most of the time it just annoys him.

That's what happened today. So much for trying to provide a more pleasant Ati.

"Matylda?" Petunia's voice brought me from my thoughts.

"Hhm?" I mumbled.

The End

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