Pandora stood at the school gate, hesitant about going inside the grounds. Once Pandora had gone in, there was no going back, no more skipping.

For the past two years, Pandora hadn't gone to school, those two years had been skipped. Pandora never went inside the school grounds.

But today, today Pandora was certain that they were going to enter and gain a decent education. Putting one foot over the line which divided the outside world and  Petunia's Boarding School.

Pandora took a deep breath and hopped inside, spreading out their wings protectively, as though someone were about to attack them.

'Look, isn't that boy cute!' Pandora heard a girls' voice giggle. Pandora spared the girl a deadpan glance.

Because, truth be told, Pandora didn't actually have a gender. Inbetween? No, Pandora could switch between male and female. So Pandora usually stays blank and undefined, neither male nor female. A perfectly plain body.

'Hello, my name is Petunia. Welcome to my school. And you must be Pandora, the one who skips?' A stunning fairy with glistening, multi-coloured wings and light pink hair said with a smile.

'Yes, ma'am.' Pandora smirked, saluting the headmistress. Petunia just laughed and patted Pandora on the shoulder.

'Well then, Pandora, you know where to go I presume?'

'Sure do. B Socia Tower?' Pandora grinned, hovering into the air, moving so they was cross legged.

'You didn't come to school and yet you know where your sleeping.' Petunia laughed softly, shaking her head. She pointed towards the east of the school, 'it's over there, not easy to miss. It's the big blue one.'

'Thanks, ma'am.' Pandora smirked once again, flicking a stray silver hair from their face.

'Seeing as your personality fits a male, why don't you try being one this term. We have far too many female fairies in this school. I would appreciate it alot.' Petunia sighed, swinging her arms.

'Whatever, I'll do it when I'm alone sometime.' Pandora sighed, then thought, Sooooo I'll referred to as a guy from now on... better just suck it up.

'Thank you, please proceed. I have a new group to show the way.'

'Bye then.' Pandora called, already a good few meters away from the headmistress, 'I'll be a "he" rather than a "it" from now on then... this will surely confuse things...'

The End

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