Fairy Boarding School

Welcome to Petunia's Boarding School! A place where the young teenage fairies come to learn about anything fairies are supposed to know. But what will happens when a forgotten evil returns to the fairy world?


I gave my parents one last hug before flying toward Petunia's Boarding School, the place every fairy went to learn of the plants, how to use herbs, how to control our abilities and even how to fight if nesicary. Along with other things. Though most considered fighting an unimportant topic since we had always had peace.

This was my first year here and I was terrified. My older brother and sister had told me of how much fun it was and how I was going to love it but they told me to beware of Ati one of the fighting teachers. They didn't tell me anything else except that he was a harsh teacher. I approached the gate and a older female fairy flew up to me.

"Hello. I am Petunia. What is your name?" she asked in a friendly tone. Her pale pink hair blew in the breeze. Her wings had multiple colors in it. All in all she was beautiful.

"Aibell." I said with a smile. I couldn't wait to go see the rest of the school.

"Well Aibell, you'll be in the Ben Socia Tower with all the other new fairies." Petunia said, turning to lead the way.

The End

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