Faeritayl -- Stealing Other's Skills. Brilliant!

Hahahaha! He fell for it--literally! That was the last time they let their magic carpet go exploring on its own, Faeritayls was sure. Though he'd hated wrestling the dumb thing, it'd proven its worth.

"Good evening, Prince Ali. Gladdened to see me?"

He rubbed his mop-top and gave a look somewhere between skepticism and dread.

"That's it? You...you don't have any comebacks?"

"Faeritayl!" he hissed in realization.

Faeritayl frowned and then grabbed him by the back of his prince outfit, "Real original. Didn't that genie teach you anything about clever quips?"

"Where are you taking me?" Aladdin demanded, struggling as he was dragged towards a door.

"Now why would I tell you that?" he smirked, "Unlike all the other boneheads I worked with, I'm not the type to blurt out my whole brilliant plan to my victims. As far as I'm concerned, there isn't a better motivational speech."

Faeritayl opened the door and Aladdin cried out as he was tossed inside just like the others. The evil sorcerer slamemd it shut and then turned to place his hands on his lower back and stretch. It popped in several places and he gave a heavy sigh of satisfaction. Being an evil villian could be such a chore sometimes.

He left the room and tromped up the stone steps past all the other rooms and to the topmost one. Only then did he start pacing.

 Now what? His plan had been absolutely, positively brilliant up until bringing them to the castle. That hadn't taken as long as he thought so...now what?

The rambunctious outburst of jeers and squabblings from below brought his train of thought to a devastating crash. Gah! One couldn't even hear themselves think around this place. Stomping towards the other door he yanked it open and hollared with all the authority he could muster down the staircase, "BE QUIET YOU FOOLS!!"

The minions immediatly stopped their violent arguments and went back to simply eating their grub. With a sneer, Faeritayl slammed the door shut to illustrate his point and resumed his pacing.

He needed some more efficient workers. Sure those...whatever-they-were were loyal little fellows, more than willing to do anything you asked them so long as you scared the wrinkles out of their snouts beforehand. No wonder Maleficent had asked permission to use them. Permission which he'd granted. She was, afterall, 'The Mistress of All Evil'--you'd think she'd get somewhere

he almost wished they were a little rebellious. At least then they'd use their own brains instead of clinging to the nerve-ends of his. But Ursula's eels were destroyed (plus they had given him a heavy dosage of the heebie-jeebies), Jafar's lamp was lost somewhere in his closet which he was too lazy to go clean out, the mirror held to no specific loyalty, Rapunzel's old hair now smelled of noxious gas, and he didn't have any evil stepsisters or hunky hotheads on his side anymore. All he had was a lousy dungeon full of straping young, homesick boys...

Wait! That was it!

Faeritayl broke from his pacing and hurried towards his dusty shelves of books. Fingering them until he came to one about brainwashing, he tore it open and searched its pages hungrily.

At this pace he had a while before the princessess came to the feeble rescue so until then, he'd turn these pretty boys' skills on his side; make them pay for the damage they caused him like peasant boys who had trampled a pumpking patch.

The End

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