Eugene/Rapunzel - You caught me?


I stretched as I slipped my feet into my slippers and went to the balcony.  It was a wonderful day-the sun was shinning over the crystal lake.

"Ahh, beautiful," I whispered to myself.

I  heard a groan from behind me.  I turned to face the noise.

"You awake Brownie?"

Rapunzel just moved her brown head of hair on the pillow and continued to sleep soundly.

I went back to the open doors of the balcony and took in a deep breath of fresh air.  It was only a year ago that Mother Gothel had died and Rapunzel was restored to her family and her place in the kingdom as princess.   Yet it had only be a couple months since Brownie and I got married.  I guess you could say I got use to the brunette hair instead of the long blond hair that use to trailed behind Rapunzel.  So now I nicknamed her "Brownie" instead of "Blondie". 

I was now staring at the sight in front of me.  All of it was mine now,  just like I had dreamed.  "Riches on an island that I owned," I had remembered saying.  I smiled and looked back at Rapunzel.  She wasn't suppose to really come into the picture, but what can you do when you're in love?  Plus, now that I was in love none of my dreams really mattered to me.  Just Rapunzel did.

Rapunzel's parents were the king and queen unless the king died....then I would be king, as scary as it sounded.  But in the meantime, I was appointed Captin of the Guard and my horse?  Yes, Max became my horse.  As awful as before, we're now best friends!  Once in a while, though, we might get into a quirrl.

I got ready and left a note for Rapunzel to read when she woke up.  Then I left the castle on horseback and took a ride in the forest.  It was peaceful and nice to have a little alone time.

Max suddenly stopped.

"What is it, boy?"

He whinnied in response.

"Oh? The guards are probably looking for me."  I stopped Max and waited.

In the distance, I heard, "there he is!  Get him!"

Max immeduitley went running in one general direction.  The guard's horses were following close to the sides of Max.

"Stop!" They yelled at me, but Max wouldn't stop.  He just ran. 

Finally, Max and I were surrounded by OUR soldiers.  They had us in a tight circle.

"What is going on?" I asked.

Then I saw black.


When I woke up,  I was tied to a chair. 

I looked down.

Hair? Long brown hair? What?

When I looked up, all the curtains in the room were open and I could tell it was the throne room.

Then a man leaped from the throne-MY throne!

"Finally, I found you,"  He said. "You are every so sneaky, but I did it."

I cleared my throat.  "You are?"

"A friend and a foe, but you should probably scratch the friend part."

"Then you are a foe?"

"Don't ask silly questions Eugene and don't try to smolder me either!  I won't be a fool and fall for your stupid little tricks.  I was going to use something else to capture you, but indeed, this was a good choice. Now I have you!"

With that, black smoke filled the room and I coughed 'til the smoke cleared.



The End

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