Faeritayl--Dos mas!

Faeritayl shut his spell book with satisfaction. A witch mirage, a cursed pair of boots, a nightmare-casting rose, taking over the enchanted mirrior, and magically disguising his minions as Eric's subjects should keep them guessing for awhile.

Why hadn't he thought of those things before? They seemed to work so well...With grunt of frustration, he pushed the thought aside and turned his attentions to the five unconcious, young men sprawled out on the floor of the large prison room--which he kept in the middle of his tower. No more of this cliche 'highest room of the tallest tower' or 'underground dungeon' stuff. He needed to throw his enemies off, no matter how unapetizing tromping through the prison on his way to the kitchen was.

And if someone found it on their way up, he'd simply send an ambush. An ambush from top and bottom. A double-whammy! Mwwwhahaha, it was utter brilliance!

Right. Back to the actual prisoners. There was Adam. He was glad they'd decided to knock him cold, for rumor had it that he'd once been a monstrous--and muscular, no doubt--beast who could probably eat Faeritayl for breakfast. The last thing Faeritayl wanted was for him to go all hairy on him.

Then Phillip. The only guy Faeritayl knew who could court in his sleep. But he wasn't about to hold it against him--that kid was determined. He'd heard of how he'd jumped his horse off a crumbling bridge, sliced, diced, and pureed a whole forest of thorns, and slayed a dragon all in one night. That, and he had those fairy folk who could probably turn even Faeritayl's deadliest streams of magic into a delightful buffet of pastries.

And Peter. All love for fragile footwear aside, once you got one thing into his head, there was no getting it out. He still remembered that day well when Cinderella’s step mother had come storming into his tower, her daughters--their enormous hoop skirts and all--in tow ranting and raving on how the prince had somehow located Cinderella with a lost glass slipper. That's a lot of smelly feet to go through.

Then Julian. He seemed one of the most patient. After all, he’d had to wait clear until his love was almost dead before he won finally won her heart. And it took nerves of steel to have seven dwarves for your in-laws. Gah! He knew he shouldn’t have left that loophole of ‘true love’s kiss’ in that poison. But how was he to know she had a secret admirer?

Ah Eric, the only thing that had stood between him and his heart's throb was loud personalitied, eight tentacled Ursula. Heheh, yes she'd been an interesting partner in crime. Kudos to the guy who had defeated  her but it was no wonder he was always searching for a sudden change in the redundant waves--especially for such a cautious guy. He'd once drove his counselor insane for his wariness in marrying. He wanted the right one, and only the right one. Anyone even close to that was as good as wrong. And his dog...ooohuhuh Faeritayl got chills just thinking about it! That was when he'd found out he was allergic--and who brings their dog to their wedding, especially when their hypnotized?!

He still needed two more. Eugene and Aladdin. Oh bother.

Frankly, Eugene intimidated him. He was sneaky, a little reckless, and contagiously charismatic.  That and he had a goatee that Faeritayls was madly jealous of.  At first Faeritayl thought he'd get himself killed. Then he thought for sure the hanging  would do the job. If not that, then the knife most certainly would. Dumb hair. Faeritayl hated hair. That's why he was bald. Or so he told himself. Mother Gothel should've just left when she had the chance! Faeritayl frowned thoughtfully; he'd once had a crush on her--until he figured out how old she was.

And then there was Aladdin. A 'diamond in the rough' and a pain in the bluff. Not only had he stolen the carpet and the genie, but he'd gotten Jafar, one of Faeritayl's wisest--though grouchiest--assistants, lost somewhere in a cave of wonders. That's when he'd accepted defeat. When you lose to a beggar, a monkey, a comedian, and a rug there really isn't much you can do.

But he was back on top now. He was on all their cases. Heheh--in their faces!!

The End

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