Snow White/Julian - A Strange Valentine's


Lo and behold, the worst day of the year was here. It never failed to surprise me how quickly Valentine’s Day can creep up on a man, and scare the living breath out of him. If I had a choice I wouldn’t have remembered the date, but being Snow White’s husband, I didn’t really have that choice. As the golden tendrils of sunlight spread across our chamber that fateful 14th of February, I slowly sat up in bed, drinking in the glory of a rising sun. It was the perfect sunrise really, until a slender little silhouette blocked my view.

“Guess what day it is today?” asked Snow, almost beside herself with joy.

“Monday?” I answered, still a bit groggy from bed.

“No silly! What special day?”

“Uhh... Your birthday?”

“No! Try again,” she said, a bit impatiently.

The guessing game went on, and by my sixth guess I could see that Snow was very irritated. But I couldn’t think up any other occasions! By my tenth guess, she was fed up. Her crimson lips pouted, and her beautiful brown eyes were shooting enough daggers to kill a whole army. I gave up hastily, and was rewarded with a snapping reply that it was ‘the most important day for lovers, and since i didn’t remember it, I didn’t love her at all”. Seeing the blank look on my face after her comment, she stomped out of the bedroom and slammed the door. Oh dear, Snow only ever get this worked up over one day. It had to be Valentine’s Day...

I was in deep trouble! Hastily pulling on a cape, I ordered for my horse to be saddled. Racing down the stairs, I leapt onto my valiant steed (well, to be honest it was an oversized donkey, but the economy’s quite tight these days and even handsome princes like me can’t afford Arabian chargers). Together we rode off into the far distant in order to visit The Mirror.

The Mirror was located within a mine, and was guarded by the seven dwarves. The Mirror herself was no longer evil; no, that was not why she was in this diamond mine.  It’s just that her constant chatter drove me and Snow crazy! But I must not be mean, for I am here to ask her help in obtaining a Valentine’s present for Snow. Standing before the gilded frame of The Mirror, I called out.

“Mirror Mirror in the mine

What should I get Snow for Valentine’s?”

“Put your hand against the glass. That’s it. Lean in closer now. Closer!” The Mirror ordered in a deep, mesmerizing voice.

“Wow, wait a second, what happened to your voice?” I asked, a bit taken back.

“Umm... I have a... a cold. NOW LEAN CLOSER!” The Mirror ordered.

I leant my whole body against The Mirror, puzzled as to how this would help  me get a present for Snow. And then it happened. I was being pulled, bit by bit, into The Mirror.

“Snow!! Snow!!! Help me!”

But the only voice that answered me was the deep growling of the evil Faeritayl. “Don’t go calling for your fair damsel. She can hear you no more. Welcome to my world.”

The End

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