Cinderella : Anxiety And Morning Sickness

Sitting in the castle like a helpless maiden was not easy. At first it had been something that she could act out without a sweat so that the ministers thought of her as a frail Princess who needed her Prince to take each step. But behind the closed doors of her Royal Chamber, she held most of the authority. Charming had very graciously allowed her free rein over their domain since he felt too exhausted from all his princely duties during the day and could all but shed off all responsibilities from his shoulders.

Being the mistress of their private world, Cinderella was not used to sitting idle and twiddling her thumbs. And ever since she had received the news of her pregnancy, she had become even more hyper and active. She fidgeted with anything and everything that came into sight and had the entire castle in a nervous frenzy.

Now, sitting before the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, her head bowed and her mouth sealed tight, Cinderella felt nauseous. She had a sudden longing for open air and fresh water, none of which were available in the dungeons. Fearing retaliation from whoever had taken Charming, the Throne Room had been moved to the basement. Charming's parents were in the South of France, so all authority had been handed over to Lord Rutledge, the Prime Minister.

"We tried contacting His Royal Highness King Edward, but we could not get through to the Palais Royal of the French Emperor. The King and Queen, God bless their souls, are not expected back into the country for another month. And if we do not take any action to trace the Prince, I can assure you, they will not be pleased." The Prime Minister paced the length of the room and addressed his Cabinet.

Nobody looked at Cinderella or even acknowledged her presence in the room, just carrying on about how to rescue Charming from the clutches of the person who had taken him away from the gates of the Castle. She was not asked her opinion, nor was she asked to participate in the discussion. She sat in the most comfortable seat in the farthest corner of the room, away from the plans being hatched. And it irked her no end.

Just when she decided that she'd had enough of this demeaning behavior and stood up to give Rutledge a piece of her mind, her head started swimming. She looked over at the huddled men in the centre of the room as her vision blurred. Her head felt like it was splitting into two, and her throat felt dry. "Charming...", she gasped as the room darkened from her sight and she fell in an unceremonious heap in an unbecoming corner of the musty dungeon. 

The End

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