Faeritayl -- Mwa ha ha!

Now what? His plan had been absolutely positively brilliant up until bringing them to the castle. That hadn't taken as long as he thought so...now what?

The rambunctious outburst of jeers and squabblings from below brought his train of the thoughts to a devastating crash. Gah! One couldn't even hear themselves think around this place. Stomping towards the door he yanked it open and hollared with all the authority he could muster down the staircase, "BE QUIET YOU FOOLS!!"

The minions immediatly stopped their violent arguments and went back to simply eating their grub. With a sneer, Faeritayl slammed the door shut to illustrate his point before resuming his pacing.

He needed some more effeciant workers. Sure those boneheads did what they were told but he almost wish they were a little rebellious. At least then they'd use their own brains instead of clinging to the nerve-ends of his. But Ursula's eels were destroyed (plus they had given him a good dosage of the heebie-jeebies), those enchanted scissors used to cut so much of Rapenzul's hair in such a short amount of time were lost somewhere in his closet which he was too lazy to go clean out, the mirror held to no specific loyalty, and he didn't have any evil stepsisters or hunky hotheads on his side anymore. All he had was a lousy dungeon full of straping young, homesick boys...

Wait! That was it!

Faeritayl broke from his pacing to hurry towards his dusty shelves of books. Fingering them until he came to one about brainwashing, he tore it open and searched its pages hungrily.

At this pace he had a while before the princessess came to the feeble rescue so until then, he'd turn these pretty boys' skills on his side; make them pay for the damage they caused him like peasant boys who had trampled a pumpking patch.

The End

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