Aurora - Desparation



I had been able to do nothing to stop Phillip being taken, and now it seemed I could do nothing either. Immediately on his leaving I ran up to my room. Beside the bed was a seashell, a gift from the three good fairies. They were planning to go to the beach they had told me, a beach many days travel from here, and I was to use this if I ever needed to talk to them. Grabbing the shell now, I hurriedly whispered into it, explaining how Phillip had been taken. I waited to see if there was an answer, but there was not. I was almost tempted to throw the shell against the wall, so frustrated was I by its apparent failure in this instance, but I would try again later and hope the fairies got the message.

In the meantime I wasn't going to wait around for the fairies. That man had taken my husband and I couldn't just sit around. I ran back down the stairs and through some corridors before running smack into my father. 

"Easy now Aurora," he said, picking me up from where I landed on the ground. "It does not do a Princess, or a Queen, to be running through corridors like a mad person. And where is your good Phillip? He was supposed to meet me 30 minutes ago."

At his question about Phillip I felt tears glisten in my eyes. "He has been kidnapped father," I cried, wishing once again that my father and I had a different relationship,that I could fall into his arms and cry out the sorrows that were currently choking my heart. But having missed most of the first 16 years of my life, all we had was distance. 

My father glanced at my tears uncomfortably and shifted awkwardly. "Phillip, kidnapped?" he asked, surprised. "No someone must be having you on my dear. It is Princesses and Queens who get kidnapped, never Kings and Princes. I'm sure someone is just playing a joke on you."

"I saw it with my own eyes,"I protested loudly. "A tall old cloaked man, who had Malificent's minions took him and disappeared to thin air."

My father looked shocked at that, and carefully laid a hand on my shoulder, turning me around and beginning to escort me back towards my bedchamber. "My poor dear. It seems the shock of your new life and being Queen has proven too much for your mind. Bed is the answer, and I shall find the good doctor and send him up to you. Perhaps you have a fever, perhaps that explains this delusion, no?"

I turned around, to face my father again. "It was no delusion!" I shouted at him. I almost stamped my foot but knew better than to encourage the image of a little child that my father always had when looking at me. 

"Listen to me my dear," he said, calmly and slowly. "No one kidnaps Princes, or Kings. Why, who would rescue them? There's a reason it's damsel in distress my dear. Now off you should go to bed. You will see, it'll all be better in the morning."

"No it won't," I shouted. "My husband has been taken and you want me to go to bed as if it was all a bad dream. Well it wasn't."

"And what are you going to do instead? Your a Queen, to be sure, but your still a woman. Even if Prince Phillip does prove to be kidnapped, what are you going to do? Rush out and rescue him?" My father asked, still seeming to believe that this kidnapping was just some fever dream of mine.

"Yes thats exactly what I'm going to do," I said suddenly, twisting away from my father's hand and ducking past him to the corridor. I hurried to our throne room, knowing that in there I would find the Sword of Truth and the Shield of Virtue. Phillip had rescued me with them and while I had never used either before, these were magical items so surely there would be some use in them now?

I was staring at the sword, wondering if I would be able to hold its great weight when the doors to the throne room burst open. Expecting to see my father, I was instead surprised to see my friend Penelope. It must have been raining out, for her hair hung damply around her face, and I recalled the story of her arrival at her husband's court. 

"Oh Penelope, I'm so glad your here," I cried, rushing towards you. "Please tell me Peter is with you."

She shook her head, tears in her eyes. "No. I came to see Phillip. I was hoping he could help me. Peter has been taken."

I stopped, for a second. "Phillip has been taken as well," I said softly, almost too softly for her to hear but hear she did. Closing the gap between us, we embraced in a hug.

"Oh Penelope, whatever are we to do?" I cried.

"We'll get them back," she stated. "Somehow."

The End

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