Aurora and Phillip

"There you are" I said, finding my wife napping on a sofa. "My Sleeping Beauty."

Aurora stretched with a yawn and a frown. "You know I hate when I get called that. As if the most important thing I ever did was sleep."

I grinned. "But  you are quite the beauty when asleep. And when awake too my dear," I said, leaning in and placing a soft kiss on her head. 

I watched as a small grin slid over her face. Many called her Sleeping Beauty and as a result she was coming to resent the name but I knew I would always be able to get away with it. 

"Why don't you go to bed love," I added, sitting beside her. 

"Your not coming with me?" she asked, frowning again.

"Your father wants to discuss the running of the kingdom again, to make sure I'm doing it right. Wasn't the whole point of our father's turning their kingdoms over to us to allow them to live lifes of leisure?"

"Maybe this is his life of leisure," Aurora said with a shrug. "I just wish he could be like yours and trust you more."

"Yes but my father knows me well. I grew up with him and he taught me all about the kingdom," I replied. I frowned then at my words.

"Yes well my father knows you better than he knows me," she muttered.

I reached for her hand and squeezed it lightly. "Sorry love," I said sincerely. "I forget at times." Having spent most of her life being brought up by the 3 kind fairies, Aurora struggled in her relationship with her parents. She had also struggled in her role as Queen for a time, but the fairies had set about tutoring her in that aspect. It was harder to forge a relationship between strangers than it was to mold Aurora into a role she was born for. 

"I won't be long, I promise" I said, rising to me feet. Aurora nodded, rising as well. With a light kiss, she headed out of the chamber, to our bedroom to be sure. Sighing, I turned in the opposite direction, to find my father in law.

However I had not gone far when a figure suddenly stepped in front of me. He appeared to me a tall old man, but I knew appearances could be deceiving. Something about him seemed sinister

"Who are you?" I demanded, wishing I had my Sword, the Sword of Truth which had been gifted to me by the the Three Good Fairies, with me now. But it was on display above the throne, too far away to help me battle this sinister man. 

"I believe you knew one of my minions," the man said, his eyes flashing. "But you've never had the pleasure of meeting me. We shall soon change that."

With that creatures stepped out of the shadows around him, creatures reminiscent of the minions of Maleficent who had kidnapped me, and who later I had had to face in battle so long ago. 

Knowing the task was hopeless I let out desparate cry for my wife."Aurora!" I shouted. I prepared to give as much fight as I can


I climbed the stairs to my bedchamber, my mind on Phillip below. He was doing well running the kingdom, but still my father would often insist on meeting with him. This would always mean that there was less time for my husband to spend with me, outside the official tasks of court. I was beginning to wonder if we should just hand my father back his kingdom, if he insisted on trying to run it from behind the scenes like this. 

Just as I reached my chamber I heard a shout from below. I instantly turned on my heel and ran down the stairs, wishing the Good Fairies were with us now. They were on a well deserved holiday that I had insisted they take.

As I neared the chamber where I had left Phillip, I quickened my pace at the sound of fighting. I soon arrived in the corridor leading from that chamber and saw a horrible sight. There was my husband, unconscious on the ground, cuts and bruises marring his features as a tall old man towered over him, creatures all around. 

"Leave him alone,"I shouted, looking around for anything I could use as a weapon. I could see Phillip had been unarmed, and regretted following my father's suggestion that we display the Sword of Truth and not let him carry it. But he had said we should be safe in our own castle, and we should have been.

The man turned to me, a sly grin on his face. "And what are you going to do my dear?" he asked. "Sleep at me?"

I frowned, and went to charge at him when a bubble suddenly surrounded them. In my charge I hit this bubble or forcefield and was flung back. I could do nothing as I watched the bubble shrink until finally the man disappeared, taking my love with him. 

The End

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