Faeritayl's Fairy Tales

Just when they thought they had finally reached their happily ever after, histories most well-known princesses are tossed into yet another adventure--only this time to save their dear princes. Faeritayl, the mysterious master behind all fairytales' evil villians and their schemes, has decided to try and create new servants out them--the men that destoryed his former. But has he underestimated the heroine as victims he sought after in the past?

Faeritayl strode impatiently across the polished floor of the topmost room of his tower--what used to imprison Repunzel. A dusty witch's hat lay crumpled on the ground and he kicked it across the room impatiently.

Witches--they were overated. He'd gone through how many by now? Along with queens, sorceresses, sorcerers, sea witches, misunderstanding fathers, big-headed brutes, evil stepsisters, greedy advisors, strange little men with names longer than they were tall, genie lamps,  spinning wheels, apples, towers, frogs, roses, mirrors, curses, spells, a ridiculously large and expensive storage of mattresses--everything in the book! And yet...

"Gah!" he spat, slamming his fists angrily on a wooden table. How was it possible for so many different schemes to fail? Each time he'd locate a new villian--someone with a deep-running grudge or two against these 'fair maidens' or those close to them--that fit his schemes and promised them their greatest wish if they went through with it; only for some young, 'handsome' bloke to show up and knock everything into a backfire.

Wait, that was it--the princes! They seemed reletively clever--perhaps for their own good--and cleverness was something he needed. Perhaps, Faeritayl thought as he walked onto his dark balcony to see the rolling storm, it was time to take matters into his own hands and make them repay a little for the damage they had caused. And if he couldn't get to the maidens by physical things, perhaps he would have more luck with emotional things--like their 'true loves.'

Sheesh, with phrases like that its no wonder his wickedly marvelous schemes have been labeled with the rinkydink title of 'fairytales'...or was some dumb play on his name?

Either way, if it did work, it would finally be his chance at revenge on that similiar stormy night when all those maiden's parents had caused him so much pain, so much anguish...the only one he had managed to lash back at was the reckless parents of snow white, cinderella's foolish father, and belle's suspicious mother--but that was not enough, not nearly. No, he wanted their only offsprings to make sure no other unfortunate soul suffered the same torture.

The End

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