I laid on my bed counting the ceiling tiles. Ugg, I had finished my homework and was un-humanly bored.

I rolled off my bed and changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a plaid shirt. Than I pulled my hair back into a simple bun and put on my makeup. I guess I was going to go to the stupid meeting for the homecoming float.

I walked downstairs and grabbed a bottle of water. I left a note for my Mother, saying where I was:


I’m going to a damn meeting.



I singed my name and laughed. My Mother hated my swearing. That’s why I swore so often. Just to piss her off.

I walked out to my tiny black Meuse , a gift from my Daddy when he rebreed it was my birthday.

When I arrived at school, I prepared myself for tons of people. I sighed and entered the school, carrying my self highly.

When I walked into the gym, there were only three people there. And not the kind you want to hang out with.

The End

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