Alex Wittick RogersMature

I swear somtimes people misunderstood me. I didn't want to be popular and in some aspects I weren't. I didn't really belong to any group. Sometimes I regretted that though. Oh, Addie-Lyn. I saw her everyday in school with a fake smile on her face.

I sit on the wall at the corner of my road and pull out a cigarette lighting it quickly. I take a deep drag and close my eyes. It was hard being popular and also not. Some people adored you and some people hated you but not one knew the real you. It was frustrating sometimes and it was why I had taken a liking to cigarette's.

"You shouldn't wink at another mans girl" I look up to see that guy from earlier. Mariah's boyfriend, Zach was it? I knew Mariah from science class and to be honest she was a pretty sweet girl.

"It was harmless" I say with a calm small smile. "Besides, I'm not trying to steal her. If I was it would be a much more tactiful way"

Zach narrowed his eyes and I take another drag of my cigarette. "Was that me or did that sound close to an insult?"

"I didn't mean it to be" I reply. "Wanna a smoke?"

"Sure" Zach says sitting on the wall with me. I hand him one and light it. "I wasted my last one earlier" he tells me as he takes a deep drag.

"I don't no why I got myself hooked on these things" I mutter.

"To improve your image?" Zach guessed. I laugh slightly and tilt my head as I look at him calmly.

"No" I say. "And am I right to presume you dont like me very much?"

"You could say that but I also don't know you" Zach replies taking another drag. I stub out my cigarette as I stand up.

"Well, I guess I should get home. Homework" I say.

"You do your homework?" Zach says with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course" I say amused before turning and leaving. I wave over my shoulder. "See you, dude"

The End

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