Zach LefevreMature

It wasn't like Zach was a loner. 

He had friends, just not many. But he always thought that there was no point in wasting his life with people who didn't really matter. He could see the group of friends that acted like they owned the school, the "popular" group as many liked to call them, the "it" group. How incredibly cliche. He'd see them and he'd know they weren't really friends. He could see beneath their perfect facades, to something much more insecure beneath. He got the sense they were only in it for the fame.

He was leaning against the brick wall of the art block, just surveying his surroundings. He watched them walk in groups of three or four. Trying not to display his obvious disgust, he fumbled in his pocket for a cigarette. He wasn't supposed to be smoking on school grounds, but it was virtually the end of the day anyway.

He brought it to his lips, as he tried to find his lighter. He was always losing things.

'You know, those things can kill you,' someone murmured behind him. He didn't have to second guess who this would be. The voice was so painfully familiar, so sweet and enticing, it always made his heart take an uneven thud whenever he heard it. 

Mariah Kent was stood with one hand placed on her slender hip, one elegant eyebrow arched. Dark eyes stared back at him, lined with heavy doses of black glitter. Her hair swayed in the slight breeze and Zach smiled, taking his cigarette out of his mouth and pulling her into a kiss.

'So you've told me many times,' he murmured. 

She laughed warmly, linking her fingers with his. They started off down the road, pushing through the throng of students flowing out of the gates. 

'Found it,' Zach smiled, bringing his lighter out of his pocket.

Mariah simpled tutted.

Someone pushed past them, obviously in a bit of a rush. Zach recognized the back of his head as Alex Rogers. Renowned bad boy. Zach personally didn't like him very much, but he understood he was popular with the girls.

'Someone's in a rush,' Mariah noted.

Alex turned round to face them for a fleeting moment. He gave Mariah a cheeky wink before heading off again. 

'Wow,' Zach blinked. 

'Urgh, don't say anything,' Mariah muttered, much to Zach's amusement.

The End

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