Facing the EvilMature

- Addie-Lyn-

“Macy how can you be so dumb?!” I asked my “Best Friend” as we left homeroom, heading toward the bathroom to fix our make-up. “You know what that’s going to do to your status! I swear, you’re the blonde here!” I said.

“Shut up, Addie!” She faked hit me and turned into the bathroom.

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes. “So..who are you going to homecoming with? Miss I think I can beat Addie-Lyn for Home-Coming princess.” I said.

“I don’t know.”

“You better drop out.” I said as I added a sexy shade of lip-gloss on my lips.

“Did you just say that?” she turned around and looked me in the eyes.

“I did.”

“Shut your f-ing month. You do not rule this school, sweetie.” she said with a sneer.

“Really?” I tilted my head, my chic ponytail falling to cover half of my face. “I’ve been told I do.”

“You need a attitude check.”

“Sweetheart, nobody would be your friend if it wasn’t for me.” I studied my face in the mirror.

“Whatever.” she turned and looked in the mirror, he dark hair framing her face. She was fairly pretty, but no that pretty. And she knows that.

“Come on, Macy, we have to get to class.” I grabbed her hand, and pulled her out of the bathroom. “Keep quit about what I said.” I said as we entered the hall, acting like the best of friends.

I was turning into what I feared most. Friendless.

The End

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