Cassie smiled and nodded. I smiled back and we walked to the closest Starbucks. I ordered an Americano, and so did Cassie. We drank slowly, talking mostly about the trip. 

 I decided that day to wear a pair of black skinny drain-pipe jeans and a 'Flyleaf' shirt under a leather jacket that I had zipped up. It was one of those rare hot days in England, so I decided to take the jacket off, noticing that Cassie had a band top on as well. She seemed to be into the same type of music as I was, so there was something that we could talk about. 

 When we finished our drinks, we waited for the other people that were coming. We didn't know of many more, and I only knew of two. We waited in silence at the coffee shop.

 One girl walked up to us. She had black hair with brown streaks; her hair was short with a side fringe that swept across her forehead, barely showing even the bottom of her golden brown eyes. She had an athletic build and pale skin. She smiled as she walked up to us.

 She ran up to me and hugged me. I laughed,

 "Hi, Rori. Rori, this is Cassie, Cassie, Rori." i introduced them all. They nodded at each other, smiling.


The End

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