Cassie: Leap of Faith

Up until he actually appeared around the corner, I doubted Jordan would actually show. I leaned against a pillar, plugged into my iPod, feigning a relaxed stance. As usual, I was dressed in skinny jeans and a close-fitting band t-shirt. The ever-present eyeliner was also there. My hair fell loosely, spilling over one shoulder and forming a backdrop to my face. I kept my gaze lowered, scanning the croud while pretending to text a friend.  The strap of my bag was firmly over my shoulder, containing only essentials.

I caught a flash of a tall, athletic figure. He glanced up and his piercing blue eyes found me. I quickly shifted my gaze, pretending I hadn't seen him but watched his approach out of the corner of my eye. He had an elegant, relaxed walk and his black hair was swpet away from his eyes, giving everyone the full impact of their power. Now Jordan was here, I had butterflies-what if we didn't get on?

"Hey.. erm are you Cassie?" there was a trace of nervousness in his velvet voice which made me feel slightly better. I pulled one earphone out, looking up to meet his eyes. I smiled shyly.

"Yeah, you must be Jordan?" He nodded and there was a moment's awkward pause.

"Do you want to get a coffee or something?" He asked eventually, "We have a little bit of time before our flight."

Smiling again, I let him lead the way.

The End

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