Jordan: Should I, Shouldn't I?

 After accepting the holiday, I went back onto my Facebook page, and talked to a girl called 'Cassie 'CC' Curtis'. She'd added me a while ago, and I accepted the request without even looking at who she was.

 I started a chat, and said:

Hey, this might seem a bit random but do you know anyone called Black Dragon?

 I waited for her to reply,

 Yeah.. I got a message from them earlier.. Any chance you've been invited on this Hawaii trip too?

 I laughed. So a lot of people had obviously been asked. At least I would know one person...sort of. I replied with a simple:

 Yep lol :P Are you going? 

 She replied only seconds later, saying:

 I might do now I know you're going ;)

 I hoped everyone would be nice. I desperately needed new friends as well as a holiday.

The End

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