Cassie Curtis

Cassie 'CC' Curtis. Bio; I love life, love my friends and love loud music. Add me if you wanna know more ;)

I sighed. I was such a typical teen. Spending my life on Facebook, chatting to people who could be millions of miles away and those who I had seen only a couple of hours ago. My 'Bio' was falsely confident, the photo a more realistic representation of me. It showed a girl with soft, sea-green eyes rimmed with eyeliner,  set in a face that was pretty, with clear, slightly pale skin. Her face was framed with dead-straight, heavily layered hair that fell beyond the frame of the photo and a fringe that swept across her face, covering one eye slightly. She was smiling shyly up at the camera, which was angled so that she was looking up slightly. The effect was one of a cute shyness but a hidden core of steel.

A little red flag popped up on the screen. There was a message from a Jordan Walker. He'd added me a couple of days ago and we had been chatting.

Hey, this might seem a bit random but do you know anyone called Black Dragon?

I had not long ago recieved a message from this person, telling me about a trip to Hawaii. Normally I would ignore them, but I wanted to meet new people so I thought I would give it a try.

Yeah.. I got a message from them earlier.. Any chance you've been invited on this Hawaii trip too?

I waited for his reply.

Yep lol :P Are you going?

I might do now I know you're going ;)

We chatted a little longer and both agreed to meet at the airport the next day. I was slightly nervous at the prospect of meeting Jordan for the first time face-to-face, but since there would be loads of people around, I figured it was a low risk situation. Though my response had seemed confident, I tended towards shyness normally and I hoped that this would not show through. I spent the rest of the day packing, my head in the clouds.

The End

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