I glanced up at the clock as it read twenty-past seven. A crack had pierced through the right hand side, covering up most of the numbers. I had been meaning to buy a new one, yet money didn't come so easy for me. That's why the trip might be a good thing. Hopefully. I jumped up out of the disorientated chair, which leaned slightly to the left, and gathered up the sheets of paper out of the printer and skimmed through the directions. Seemed legitimate enough. I stacked them on my bedside table and started to attempt to heave the large navy suitcase, which was situated tightly under my single bed. After about ten minutes of pulling, I eventually managed to get it out of the confined space. I trailed the zip along its track and the lid of the suitcase flipped open revealing old clothes and swimming gear from our family holiday in 2007. I sighed and started retracting the clothes from the suitcase, sending socks and t-shirts flying around the room. I started to pack clothes that actually fit me while ticking off various tasks on a sheet of paper. Passport, check. Underwear, check. Toothbrush, check. The list was endless. I briefly looked up at the clock. The hands faint monotonous ticking echoed the ticking in my head. It was just gone midnight when I finished packing. I threw the suitcase on the floor and crawled under the thick duvet amongst various garments and utilities. I sighed with relief as I was drifting off into a well-earned sleep. I lay there for a few moments until my eyelids burst open. I forgot about the most important task on my list. Who would I take? 

The End

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