Facebook Strikes

The site which many teenagers use, is just a harmless social networking site, right? Wrong.
Join this story; a story about Facebook's 'Special Trip to Hawaii!'. This is a message to people. You can't always trust strangers.
A group of friends get a message from a stranger called 'Black Dragon' stating that they have been randomly selected to enjoy Facebook's 'Special Trip to Hawaii!'. What they don't know is that the 'Special Trip' they are going on will end in them being kidnapped. Will

It started on the fifteenth of November, 2010. I was on Facebook, obviously. Hey, I'm not that far from being teenager! There wasn't really much to do, so I was looking at people's status', and finding interesting or funny pages to 'Like', when I was notified about a message I had got from someone called Black Dragon. I didn't know who it was, but there was nothing really un-safe about reading a message, right?

 I was living on my own at the time, at the age of twenty. I didn't need parental permission to do anything, so when I read that I had been selected to go to Hawaii for two weeks. I sent a message back to him -or her- but there was no reply. I didn't really feel safe about doing it though... But I hadn't had a holiday in ages, and I was in desperate need for one.

 I clicked the link that had been attached to the message, just to see how legitimate it looked, and it looked official enough. After about an hour of debating in my mind, I clicked on the button that told me where to go, printed off the directions and kept them safe. I was going to be in Hawaii in three days!

 Obviously, I was excited. But, unfortunately, I had forgotten about my worries, not only about the fact that the message was from a stranger, but also that his name was Black Dragon. Who has that name? 

The End

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