Zombies and Vampires: Spoilers!Mature

Seth status: My girlfriend is killing people....yay -.-

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Rachel: Well you did chose to date a pyromaniac zombie

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Seth: But she told me she was good at the time!

Rachel: Excuses, excuses

Ryan: Could be worse, you could have a boyfriend that bites you all the time -.-

Luke: I don't do it that often....

Ryan: Yes. Yes you do.

Anya: Boyfriend? Luke is there something you want to tell me?

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Seth: Your right, my problems aren't that bad, good luck Luke!

Luke: F*********

Anya: Swearing is rude dear :)

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(Caitlyn, Ryan, Luke, Taurus, Anya, Kris and Callum are all from my story Blood City, Luci, Seth, Rachel, Mary, Eddie and Case are from Hunted :D and yes *grin* there are a few spoilers here, sorry!)

The End

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