Laura's ProblemsMature

Dana’s Status: Oh God, I just don’t know what to do… I wish I could talk to Cam…

Cara: Oh right. I’m not good enough.

Cameron: Talk to me about what???

Dana: Nothing… it doesn’t matter. :|

Laura: You think your problems are bad? Try living my life for a few days.
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Laura: You have time to like my status but not to swing by and tell me what I’m doing? Simon, I don’t know the human translation of what I want to call you.

Earphones: Can’t you all just keep everything to yourselves?

Cara: And stop giving me notifications?!!?
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Dana: Cool it Cara, I’ll talk to you eventually just not yet…

Rex: Seriously Dana, you’re complaining about your life? -.-

Dana: I get it. Everyone else’s lives are worse than mine!

Cameron: Dana, who the heck are Rex, Laura, Joe, Jen and Simon?

Dana: I have no idea. Laura added me on facebook a few weeks back and the rest of them just followed… must be new or something.

Laura: Your mum is someone important; I was hoping she could help me on my mission.

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[Thought I'd just throw everyone together. Dana, Cameron/Cam and Cara are all from 'Forever Out Of Place' where they live in a world of homosexuals (Arthur and Ronnie are Dana's fathers) - Joe, Jen, Simon, Rex and Laura are all from BlueJay's 'My Last Day' and Laura, Simon and Rex are aliens :D - and Earphones is from a poem :D]

The End

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