Zuri's StatusMature

Zuri Brooke's Status: I think I'm going to rip what little hair we pixies have if I speak to another elemental phoenix
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Mazany says: My worst nightmare is coming true: I'm becoming more like Al'Leako!
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Zuri Brooke: That is more tragic than Romeo & Juliet *shakes head in sorrow*
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Al'Tijd: We do talk in riddles a lot... Correct?

Zuri Brooke: *mutters* Oh no here we go again
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LilHill: I will never forgive you for inventing that character, Almach! Or Al'Leako or Lapin or whatever he's called now: they make my head hurt!
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Shadow: Why does it matter what they're called? They are still annoying when they pop up randomly everywhere and keep getting in the way of my plans!
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Ice Brooke: Too true.

Zuri Brooke: *sighs* If I didn't loathe you and wish you'd go rot in the deepest pits of Nature's Underworld for destroying my best friend's life and planning to destroy all the worlds, I'd be tempted to like that post for the first part.

Al'Leako: Zuri! How could you? It's like fire and water dancing a jig!

Zuri Brooke: What does that mean in sane person speech?

Shadow: *fake blushes* Why, Zuri, you flatterer, I was beginning to think no one would appreciate my many talents for chaos, evil and destruction XD

Al'Tijd: You think we're the twisted ones... Correct?

Zuri Brooke: *growls* one more 'correct' al'tijd...

Al'Tijd: Sorry... Corr-? *coughs* You think we're twisted yet you admitted to nearly liking the comment of someone who turned your ill-wish into a compliment... Correct?

Zuri Brooke: *sweetly*Al'Tijd?

Al'Tijd: Yes... Correct?

Zuri Brooke: That was one 'correct' too many. Guess what I'll be doing as soon as I'm done ripping my hair out?

Al'Leako: Brother, one word of advice: Run.
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Mazany: And don't stop for... oh, at least a thousand years. A woman's wrath should never be incurred and she's particularly relentless!
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Al'Leako: You grow in wisdom everytime we speak, Little One :-)


All these charcters are from mine and Almach's Ancient Shadows saga! We simply adore the convos between Zuri and the Phoenixes so it was too good not to share! Hope you all enjoy :D

The End

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