NaNo Past and Present - The Thirteenth Line meet DefianceMature

Vidal's Status: NaNoWriMo just can't come fast enough...

Caiafal: :D

Dane:Don't know why you're so excited - look what she did to us!

Libya: Yeah, why the heck are you looking forward to being tormented and put through hell for the amusement of a sick-minded author?

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Caiafal: Well, we're not exactly in the same situation...

Vidal: Well,  I certainly don't see any homicidal tin cans around here. Unless you count Ambrais.

Ambrais: How dare you!

Caiafal: Oh please, let's not get into this again.

Ambrais: No, I've had it with that bastard's snide remarks! He's always creeping around where he's not warranted, and gods know why the king allows it. We can't trust him!

Vidal: "Don't trust a ho, never trust a ho, don't trust a ho" .... oh wait, that's your wife.


Ambrais has logged out.

Caiafal: Vi ... that was below the belt. Ouch.

Shard: Pwnage - hi fives Vidal!

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Caiafal: I give up.

Vidal: *victory dance*


These loonies all belong to me - Shard, Libya, Dane and Jessa are from "Defiance", my 2010 NaNovel, and Vidal, Caiafal, Ambrais and the rest are the characters in my NaNovel-to-be, the Thirteenth Line.

The End

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