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Alys: Why do I feel like somebody just cut me open and then sewed me back up again? @Leah, there'd better be a decent explanation for this. Perhaps you and @Cormac would care to tell me?
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Leah: Alys, perhaps you should go on chat?

Anna: What have you done to her now?

Leah: It wasn't me. Alys, I really think you ought to go on chat. Like, now. :/

Matt:Let me know if they're not looking after you properly, Al.

Alys: I'm pretty sure there's a reasonable explanation for this.

Leah: There is! I swear!

Matt: Hmm ... :/ Well, Anna'll tell you that I'll be the first to come and sort out anyone who's not treating you right, okay?

Alys: Thanks. What happened to those Celryn?

Matt:Oh, they won't be bothering us for a while ;)

Anna: I've posted photos, Al! Oh, you have to see them. There's this one, right, and Matt's got this MASSIVE sword...
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Alys: Actually, sharp objects kind of make me nervous right now.
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Leah: If it's any help, it wasn't a sword.

Alys: Great.

Leah: Look, come on chat and I'll explain it all, okay?

Cormac: Guys! Notification screwing!


Alys, Leah and Cormac are from Watching, although here they're used in the context of the as-yet-nameless sequel (which I may just call Sequel for now).

Spook "de Nuit", Anna, Matt and the Celryn (referenced) are from A Sky Full Of Stars (on site somewhere), which I haven't even read the whole way through and I wrote it a year and a half ago, but nevertheless has some characters that are fun to put on Facebook....

And I'm using this exercise in Creative Writing Club on Tuesday! 

The End

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