Emerald's StatusMature

Emerald's Status: Anyone care to explain why I woke up hanging from the banisters this morning?

Rembrandt: You were drunk.

Andallas: Very, very drunk.

Emerald: Not as drunk as you Rem! How many bottles did you get through by the end of last night, seriously?

Rembrandt: More than you, lightweight.

Emerald: Har har, very funny.

Rembrandt: Better than the "half pint" jokes Trik was making last night.

Trik: Hey! I thought they were rather good ... 

Emerald: I didn't. 

Trik: You didn't seem bothered at the time.

Emerald: Oh, I was. Have you yet thought about why your eyebrows are missing?

Trik: .... That was you?

Em: Yup *grins*

Trik: You are so dead.

Emerald: You'll have to catch me first!

Emerald has logged off.

Rembrandt: Whoo! I am SO watching this! :D

Rembrandt has logged off.

Andallas: *facepalm*

{These guys all belong to me, and will be featured in the story I intend to start writing after I've finished writing and posting "Legend". And yes, they do do this sort of thing regularly xD}

The End

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