William's StatusMature

William's Status: If anyone has any information on my murder, please contact me.

Pompeo dislikes this.

William: Who are you?

Pompeo: You stole my author, you jerk!

William: How dare you! I didn't stel anyone!

Pompeo: ???

William: Confound it! Elliot, I told you it is spelled with an a!

Elliot: Sorry! I didn't hear you.

Pompeo: And you are?

Elliot: Hello! I am typing for Will.

Pompeo dislikes this.

Elliot: But why?

Pompeo: We were in her first solo story. But it stopped after two chapters. Then you came along and ruined everything!

Elliot: But that isn't our fault!

William: Yes. Perhaps you are simply too boring to be bothered with.

Pompeo, Kitty, Caleb, and Jeb dislike this.

William: Ah, so you brought you're friends to gang up on me. How mature.

Sarah dislikes this.

Sarah: This isn't funny, Elliot!

William: But it really is me!

Sarah: I can't believe you would pretend like that! How sick!

Elliot: But Sarah...

Sarah has logged off.

Elliot: Sarah, wait!

Elliot has logged off.

William has logged off.

Pompeo: I can't believe she ditched us for them!

Amber: You think you have it bad? It took me two years to even actually get written down! And it isn't even in my own story!

Pompeo: *Pats shoulder sympathetically* You know what? We should gang up on the author sometime!

Amber: Deal!

Pompeo and Amber are now friends.

Kathy: This doesn't bode well...

Caleb: *Cackles* You bet it doesn't!

Elliot, William and Sarah are from "A Ghost of my Former Self." Sarah is NOT one of the previous Sarahs, though that name is surprisingly popular. Kitty, Pompeo, Caleb and Jeb are all from "Chikamia." And Amber is from the unwritten "Witches of Windswept Street" and is now in "The Street." Hmm, perhaps I should write for them before things get out of control...

The End

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