A Younger JasonMature

Jason's Status: I think I've fallen in love with a girl I cannot touch...

Mathew: Who is she?

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Jason: Um, no one you know...

Mathew: Look if she's the reason behind your disappearing, you owe me and explanation.

Jason: It is too complex

Sarah: You can tell me Jay!

Jason: I'd rather not...

Sarah: Awe come on, I let you in on all my secrets...

Jason: Yes... I know.

Mathew: Wait, who is Sarah.

Sarah: A person who happens to be friends with Jay. Who are you?

Mathew: His bodyguard.

Sarah: Whoa, you have a bodyguard Jay?

Jason: Ah yes, my father insisted. Now can we all forget I posted this?

Sarah: I’d still like to know who the girl is.

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Mathew: And why you can’t touch her. *snicker*

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[In the time before Sarah crossed over into Jason's world, they used to be just friends, and Mathew was just the perplexed bodyguard... *giggles* I place this about 3 or 4 years before the start of Sarah's Phoenix.]

The End

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