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Gloria's Status: Online and looking to kick some Van Helsing butt.

Gloria: Hi guys. What's up?

Ash: I miss Morgan :'(

Morgan: I miss you too Ash <3 :(

Gloria: I know what you mean. I missed Thalion terribly when I thought he was dead. True love. *sigh*

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Judas Van Helsing: LAWL, so cuuuuute ... hand me the sick bucket xD

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Mike: *cracks knuckles* that's MY Daughter your insulting!

Judas: No sh*t Sherlock. What are you going to do, drown us in pixie dust?

Elektra: Oh no, he'll singe our fingers with his terrifying fire powers, bahahahahahhaa!

Ash: *mortified*

Mike: I'll do more than singe you.

Gloria: Shut up you two. If there's anything left after Mike is done with you, I'll send Lewellyn after you. Remember the drael? *sizzzzzle*
Although the smell of  charred Evils would be enough to make wizzard Shanaghan puke, and he can apparently stomach anything after the years he worked for you.

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Morgan: Don't worry Ash, I'll always love you. No matter what.

Ash: I love you so much <3 <3 <3 :')


Elektra: @Mike Oooh, we're so scared *blows raspberry*

Morgan: >|<

Mike had uploaded a picture -  a crude metal resemblance of Judas and Elecktra, crushed

Mike: You're going down!

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Gloria: That was intelligent, Elektra - not. Now he's gone off to plan your imminent demise. I knew you were evil, but I never figured you for stupid, too.

*blows raspberry at Gloria*

*Ash hangs his head in shame at his mother's childish behaviour.*

Gloria: Don't worry Ash. We'll get you and Morgan back together again. Sorry, gotta go. Llewellyn has set fire to the drapes again. :{

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Gloria is a human married to Thalion, an elf. Llewellyn is a dragon who was rescued from the Van Helsing stronghold. These characters can be found in Elorithryn's Faerie Bound.

The End

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