The Dagda's StatusMature

Dagda mor mac Eithenn: Moving to Russia. Guess that means Leah's going to have to budge too. Damn these stupid humans...

Alys: Oh, thanks. That's really encouraging.

Dagda: Technically you're not a human, Alys.
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Alys: I think you'll find that technically I am.

Dagda: I think you'll find that most humans can't move things with their minds.
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Leah: I think you'll find that Alys doesn't like being called a freak.
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Cormac: Right.... o.O

Alys: So why are you going to Russia?

Dagda: Can't tell you that. :/

Alys: Why not? :(

Dagda: Because you're human.

Alys: Hang on, I thought that technically I wasn't a human? Oh, so now I am?

Cormac: He can't tell you because you might tell someone else.

Alys: And posting it on Facebook's really private? Right.... :/ *scowls*
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Leah: Chat to me and I'll tell you.

Dagda: Don't you dare, Leah!

Leah: Hey, you're the one that chose Russia, meaning that I have to shift too. Couldn't you have gone to America or something so that I could've stayed in Moscow?

Alys: I'm so confused!

Anna: Me too.

Dagda: Where did you come from? More freaks?

Spook: Don't you dare call her a freak, or I'll set Moon on you...
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Dagda: Yeah, like your parents could totally hurt me.

Cormac: When are we leaving?

Dagda: Um, about two days time.


Leah has changed her location to New York, America.

Dagda mor mac Eithenn and Cormac have changed their location to Moscow, Russia.


Cormac, Leah, the Dagda and Alys = Watching, NOT ON PROTAG
Anna, Spook "de Nuit", Elorithryn and Moonwalker = A Sky Full Of Stars, SOMEWHERE ON PROTAGONIZE.


The End

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